J & K + 8

Even serious news channels seem to be obsessed with “the big announcement” that came from the trainwreck of a show, otherwise known as “Jon & Kate plus Ei8ht“.  (And no, I did not misspell eight, this is how TLC has graphicly titled the show, using the numeral “8” instead if a “g” in the word eight.  Oh, ha ha ha, aren’t they clever?)  And here it is, the big announcement, in case you missed it… Jon & Kate are going to get a divorce.  Wow, who could have seen this coming?  If these two can’t make it, what hope is there for the rest of us?

What a sham this show is.  From two ostensibly stay-at-home parents of sets of twins and sextuplets, to Jon and Kate’s on-camera complaints about the unnatural lifestyle they are “burdened” with by having a production crew around all the time, and now lamenting that their relationship problems are being played out in the tabloids, where is the “real” in this so-called  “reality” show?  Give me a break.  Typical of our culture that seems to value victim status, these two knuckle-heads are looking for scapegoats to blame for their just impending divorce.  Apparently, they see right past themselves as they sit in front of the mirrors while  being made-up for the filming of their show. 

I’ll grant you that the very nature of this odd show and its production would put a strain on any relationship.  But, who exactly is responsible for that?  The short answer, that does not require a whole lot of deliberation is, Jon & Kate.  In the promotional pieces leading up to the show that aired Monday night, they claim that their just announced divorce has been long in the making.  Yet they appear to be too dumb to figure out the cause.  Or perhaps it has nothing to do with their intellectual capacity, maybe it is just good old fashioned greed.  Either way, rather than try to repair the rift in their marriage by putting an end the very show that has contributed to the ripping of their “one flesh” and privately starting an effort at reconciliation, they have now contrived some “arrangement” wherein, they will house their kids on their Pennsylvania estate, and the two of them will alternate residence.  One can only assume that the schedule of which parent is present at any given time will be dictated by the production needs of the television show.  If this is not ample evidence of the lower priority they place on the integrity of their collective family, versus the money to be made by the nearly unbridled exploitation of it, I don’t know what else can be offered.

Perhaps the most charitable thing that people of good conscience can do would be to stop watching this show in such convincing numbers that its advertisers and the network cancel it so that these 10 people can get back to a true reality.  As a sad commentary on our voyeuristic culture, I am guessing that our appetite has not been satisfied by merely watching this family come apart at the seams.


2 Responses to J & K + 8

  1. Brandon says:

    It really is terrible. I’ve not seen but five minutes of one episode, and in that small amount of time I was able to see the nose dive which their marriage was taking. He was passive, she was berating him, all the while a camera crew is in their faces so as to give off the “reality” of it all. Sickening. I can’t stand reality TV.

    As for John and Kate, I hope they’re reconciled to one another. I hope they both are humbled and I hope they seek forgiveness from one another. And I hope it happens by someone stepping into their life and explaining the gospel to them; teaching them that we can be reconciled to God and to one another.

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