My celebration of all-things-Earth

the-earthYesterday was Earth Day.  So, as a show of support for The Earth, with all of its sensitivities, and vulnerabilities, I decided to stand in agreement with Earthophiles, that we need The Earth and that if we did not have it, we would probably miss it.  (I’m just sayin’.)

If you listen to the really fanatical lovers of The Earth, essentially anything we do, has a negative impact on The Earth, so I chose to celebrate all-things-Earth by NOT doing certain things that would otherwise have an impact on The Earth.  I believe the favored term by the creation lovers is “treading lightly.”

Now mind you, I never have, and never would do any of these things, but for the sake of The Earth, I consciously and intentionally chose to NOT do them on The Earth’s special day.  So, here is my list of things I did NOT do, so as to say that I “tread lightly” on The Earth.

  • I did not drain the 15 quarts of oil in my diesel guzzling pick-up truck, directly onto the ground.  In fact I did not drain my oil at all.
  • I did not vent the ozone depleting refrigeration gases out of my refrigerators, automobile air-conditioners, or the air-conditioner in my home.
  • I did not make any unnecessary trips in an automobile just for the heck of it, essentially driving to some point-unknown, for some unknown reason.
  • I did not deflate the tires on our vehicles, which would have negatively impacted our gas mileage.
  • I did not purchase any cattle or swine to be kept at our ranch.  As you probably know, these livestock are prone to flatulence, and those emissions are harmful to the environment.   At least that’s what the nut jobs say.
  • I did not post a blog article yesterday.  While the energy I saved, is probably immeasurable, there must surely be some theoretical savings in the consumption of energy, on my end, out in cyberspace, and on your end as well, you know, when you read a blog.  I mean, seriously, I used NO pixels yesterday on this site.
  • I did not turn all the lights on in my home and leave them on all day, especially during the middle of the day when we don’t need lights, or in rooms where we were not present.  What’s more (and I think you’ll find this pretty much over-the-top), we turned the lights off at my house the night before Earth Day, meaning they were still off when we woke up on The Earth’s special day.  I know you’ll think that’s enough, but wait, there’s more.  We turned the lights OFF when we went to bed last night and ended Earth Day in the dark.

You’re welcome, Earth.


2 Responses to My celebration of all-things-Earth

  1. medinaumc says:

    Why don’t we celebrate Mars day? It’s not fair!

  2. […] year, I published a couple of posts dealing with Earth Day.  One dealt with things I did NOT do on Earth Day, the other was, well, a confession of those things […]

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