Contestants, redeemable. Beauty Pageants, not redeemable.

The dust-up this week over the presumed connection between (Miss California) Carrie Prejean’s answer to a question about same-sex marriage and her being named first runner-up instead of Miss USA, must surely call into question whether there is anything even remotely redeemable about beauty pageants.  Let me quickly note, I am not talking about the people, because of course, they are redeemable.  Instead what I am talking about is the beauty pageant itself, all beauty pageants, their very essence, their structure, organization, and motivation.  What exactly is their raison d’etre, apart from what I will contend is little more than a form of soft-core porn, and the advancement of a culturally acceptable form of the objectification of women.

carrie-prejeanI have no idea whether or not Carrie Prejean could have, or should have won the pageant.  I don’t know if it really matters a whole lot.  To her credit, she has embraced the entire aftermath in an remarkable way.  Simply stated, she believes that everything about this has been allowed to, or has been caused to happen by her Lord.  I admire her faith and her resolve to not pity herself, but rather to look expectantly to what will become of this.

But more to the point of this post.  The hypocrisy that has been revealed by this incident has been stunning on several levels and on several fronts.  Isn’t it interesting that the other “name” involved in this whole incident, Perez Hilton, has exposed an ugly side of himself for literally the world to see.  Before Monday morning with it was the lead item in the news, I recognized his name, but only knew of him as an otherwise reprobate blogger who tended to focus on matters related to the entertainment industry.  Now we all know him for a crudeness that may well be all too common in our day, but few go to the lengths he did to literally broadcast it for the entire world to know.  Further, for a man who presumably seeks to end intolerance and hatred surrounding issues of human sexuality, he has exposed to the light of day, a level of hatred for those who favor heterosexual conduct, that could well be called, ironically, heterophobia.

If it is even remotely possible that Carrie Prejean was in some way or another discriminated against by Perez Hilton, a man (I use the term advisedly), for simply expressing her mind, where are the voices from the feminists?  Why have they not acted in an amicus effort to support a woman’s right to be able to express herself without fear of reprisal?  Is it possible that these “seekers of women’s freedoms” are selective in their support?  I wonder if it is somehow possible that Carrie Prejean was exempted from their coverage because she holds political, social, and moral values that differ from theirs and therefore, she is “on her own.”  While it is purely hypothetical, I would imagine that the cries of discrimination would be deafening had the situation been reversed and a contestant, who advocates Biblically immoral sexual activity, been somehow negatively affected by a pageant judge, and particularly considering the post event maligning of that contestant in the media and on the Internet.  

And Donald Trump, where have you been in all of this?  You own the Miss USA pageant, and yet you have been strangely quiet.  I tend to think of you as being in the middle of any occasion when there are cameras and journalists.  Is it because you are too cowardly to pick a side in this matter?  The only thing I have heard you say was that Carrie Prejean was “unlucky” in that she got a “lousy question.”  Wow, now there’s taking a stand for you!

And what does it say about the the audience, both live and by way of  television, who watch an event that apparently values the parading of women for the purpose of judging their appearance.  I am not sure that I can put much separation between this type of programming, and the activities that take place in so-called “gentleman’s” clubs.  And since the flap has centered around Carrie Prejean’s expressed thoughts, it would be difficult to defend a position on the part of the viewers that denies that women are only to be seen and not heard.

And for parents of young girls who are encouraging them to participate in beauty pagents, shame on you.  If this whole affair is not enough to make you stop the direction you are taking your daughter then I will go ahead and say it… you are simply pimping your little girl into a lifestyle that values her appearance, over everything else.

Proverbs 31: 30 should inform our way of thinking about beauty pageants.  We ought not have anything to do with them.  Perhaps Carrie Prejean has come to discover this as well.  In any event, for as physically attractive as she is, and there really is no denying it, her fear (reverence), and confidence in God is the true mark of her beauty.


2 Responses to Contestants, redeemable. Beauty Pageants, not redeemable.

  1. arthursido says:

    Chuck, you hit the nail on the head with your title. The “beauty” pageant itself is unredeemable and completely incompatible with Scripture. It disturbs me how many Christians praise Ms. Prejean while skipping right over the issue of the venue she was in to begin with. I appreciated her message and the way it exposed the lie of liberals championing free speech, but coming as it did during a vulgar event that seeks the worlds approval lessens the impact.

    (followed you here from your comments on Kevin’s blog. Appreciated your sober comments re: membership)

  2. Chuck says:

    Arthur, Thanks for making the effort to get all the way to this post from Kevin’s site and for leaving this comment. Thanks also for your kind remarks about my exchange with Kevin on his open letter regarding membership.

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