On a lighter note…

Yesterday, Josh Harris, pastor of Coventant Life Church in MD, wrote a guest post at Abraham Piper’s blog 22 Words

The title of Piper’s blog is a key to its style and content.  In each post, Piper (and his guest bloggers) say something in 22 words or less (not including the words in the title).    Josh Harris’ guest blog post was entitled “22 Essential Words for Writing Cheesy Christian Pop Songs”  It was a tongue-in-cheek poke at the music industry…at least I THINK it was tongue-in-cheek.  Here are the words:

1. Mountain
2. Love
3. River
4. Ocean
5. Amazed
6. Imagine
7. Valley
8. Believe
9. Waves
10. Running
11. Deep
12. Shout
13. Stillness
14. Moment
15. Arms
16. Tears
17. Walk
18. Hills
19. Reaching
20. Waters
21. Joy
22. Peace

In the comments section of the blog, Piper offered this:

Your mountains of love
Flow down the rivers to the ocean.

I’m amazed when I imagine
In the valley and believe.

Waves running deep
Shout stillness into the moments
I’m in your arms.

Tears walk down the hills
Reaching waters of joy and peace

What do you think, did they collaborate on this blog?  Or are they just that clever?  Read some of blogs Piper has written himself and I think it entirely possible that he simply read Harris’ article and posted the comment to it.  His wit appears to be just that good.

Either way, Harris is right-on in his observations of the “essentials” for shallow, cheesy lyrics, and Piper has probably penned the next big hit to be heard on contemporary Christian music radio stations.


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