Warning – Video contains examples of two people who are delusional and paranoid.

This is not new-news.  It was talked about late last week, and you may have seen it or heard sound bites from it.  I finally had time to find it on the Internet this afternoon and listen to it in its entirety.  A pretty remarkable demonstration of gross generalization, mischaracterization, hyperbole, pseudo-psychoanalysis, stereotyping, profiling, exaggeration, misinformation, and hate speech.

Well, it looks like we’ve learned a couple of new terms:  “limbic brain” and “Stockholm Syndrome.”  Very impressive, Janeane.  

With respect to these specific allegations leveled by Ms. Garofolo, I am reminded of something the the great Puritan preacher and Bible commentator Matthew Henry once said.

“Those are best able to teach others the grace of God, who have themselves had the experience of it.”

With her obvious mastery at accusing others of suffering from these neurological and psychological disorders, is it possible that Ms. Garofolo’s qualification for teaching about “limbic brain” and “Stockholm Syndrome” are owing to her experience of them?

I’m just sayin’


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