Finally a “green” initiative I can live with (figuratively, that is).

As anyone who is a regular reader of this blog knows, I am not overly impressed with the breathless claims from special interest groups, that we have already gone off the cliff leading to environmental disaster, or that man is the ultimate cause of global warming.  (No you are not getting off the hook by using the term “climate change” folks…you guys picked the term”global warming” and when the statistics failed to support your claims, you changed the moniker.)

As I have noted in other posts, while I am not impressed with the usual over-reactions to environmental discussions, I do believe that as stewards of the planet we live on, we should do reasonable things to protect and even improve the environment, especially when they provide REAL benefits, and have the potential to save money.  This article discusses some ideas that appear to have legitimate environmental merit.

Arrangements for my “disposal” have already been made and paid for.  Cremation is my choice, and whenever that day comes, I am all in favor of it being done as energy efficiently as is technologically possible.  Why wouldn’t I be?  And for those of you who prefer to be a “land owner” during your pre-resurrection rest, there are now “greener” options that you should consider.

I may not be particularly “green” in life, but I will be “green” in death.  Now that is environmentalism I can “live with, or not, if you know what I mean.


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