Never thought of it in these terms…

…but I guess I just might be one of “those.”  “Those” is an R-WE!  Read HERE what an R-WE is.

I am not a military veteran, but I do own guns, and have been shopping for ammunition to beat Barry to the punch in imposing any draconian limitations on it.  I oppose abortion, and believe our immigration policies and failure to protect our national borders is nothing short of a complete dereliction of duty by our federal lawmakers, the Judiciary and the Executive Branch (including under Bush).  Yeah, the same ones who quiver at the thought of terrorists or drugs coming across the border, but do little of real substance to prevent it.

And oh, by the way, I am a Texan.   In light of recent comments by our Governor, I guess he’s on their R-WE watch list too.  My gut tells me he speaks for many of us who reside in this state, and probably millions more around the country.

Using the terms describing an R-WE, as set forth by U.S. Department of Homeland Security in that article, how would they classify you?  Participate in the poll below.


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