Stemming the second tide.

Like a rising tide, with waves washing further and further upon a beach, it appears that a true “post-Christian” set of relaxed ethics and morals has made it to OUR shores.  Let me correct that…while one can hardly suggest this is a new phenomena, the “tidal” metaphor had not fully dawned on me until I read the article today from Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville.

If we think about the growth of Christianity from its origins in what was, and still is Israel, to its expansion initially into Europe and then ultimately to the so-called New World, it can very much be likened to a tide rising and in ever increasing increments, claiming new soil and in the process, new souls. 

But what appears to follow that initial tide of conversion and practice of Christianity, is a tide that bears a distinctly secular mindset.  Granted it takes a long time for this new tide to make its effects known.  But it comes none the less and just as in a tide, everything in its course gets wet.  So, it seems, is the case for the tide of secularism.  Take a look at Europe.  It was the true seat of Christianity for about 1,800 some odd years.  While the Roman and Orthodox churches would argue it still is, it would be undeniable that the second tide of secularism has not just come, but has fully washed over that continent, taking with it many of the members of those ancient churches.  Today, in most western European countries, the practice of the Muslim faith is probably more common than Christianity, but at that, it is second to the practice of NO particular faith at all, apart from humanism.

Now, as Mohler points out, the evidence of what I call the second tide is not just on our shores, it is now far inland, and if we are not resolved to stemming it, it will wash over our country just as it has the countries of Europe.

The increasing disregard for moral practice, the diminished value of human life, especially the unborn, the increased notion that we are dependant on the state for our well being, are all indications to me that we are already AT LEAST ankle deep in the putrid waters of post-Christian secular humanism.  In a hundred year, or less, we’ll be just as lost as Europe if we do not build a wall against this second tide.


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