A facinating look at what is either thinly veiled deceit or stunning ignorance.

HT to JT for linking to a set of articles from US News and World Report.  When I first saw them, I had little intent of actually plowing through all of the material.  However, I got drawn in and could not stop, although I confess, I scanned some portions of this republished email exchange between Robert George, who if you have ever read his stuff, or seen him speak, you know he is brilliant, and Doug Kmiec.  Both are law professors, so that may void any interest you have in reading their correspondence.  But the underlying subject matter is haltingly important and I fear may be revealing about the character of our President.

This is an excerpt from one of George’s emails to Kmiec to whet your appetite.

President Obama did not prohibit human cloning (somatic cell nuclear transfer to create living human embryos) and does not oppose it.  What he opposes is the implantation and gestation of human embryos that were created by cloning—that is what he means in saying he is opposed to “reproductive cloning.”  The President supports the practice of cloning to create living human embryos for purposes of scientific research in which they will be destroyed to produce pluripotent stem cells.  His executive order has made research using cells and cell lines produced by creating human embryos by cloning eligible for federal funding.  This is the first time that federal money has been made available for research using materials derived from embryos created and destroyed specifically for research purposes.  (emphasis mine)

Words matter.  The President tries to differentiate between “reproductive” and “therapeutic” cloning, but the underlying creation and subsequent destruction of life is indisputable.

So, I am left with the question I cannot answer.  Is the President operating at this level of deceit based on semantics, or is he ignorant of what appears to be an effort to create a distinction, without a difference?

The US News & World Report articles:
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