For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

Subtitle:  The Reason Why He Uses a TelePrompTer

Last night on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Barack Obama made an off-handed remark, I assume, with the intention of being self-effacing and funny, that should make even the most ardent supporters of the President cringe in its insensitivity.

Ouch!  Making light of those who are mentally or physically disabled?  Wow, a serious gaffe for someone who is supposed to be soooo sensitive.  Now had it been some heartless Republican, what else would you expect but this sort of callousness for the sake of humor.  The President’s deputy press secretary Bill Burton dug the hole even deeper when he explained that the President was just trying to poke fun at himself.  I guess it was fun at the expense of those who have been dealt a difficult hand in this life.

Truthfully, this sort of error could be made by anyone.  And for my regular readers, you may be surprised to know that I actually empathise with Obama, in that it is only a matter of time before I make some similarly careless remark myself.  As long as even a whiff of wickedness remains in my heart, my mouth has the potential to pour forth something equally destructive. 

What is striking about this incident is the fact that so far this morning, Fox News, which the left would brand as the hyper-right media outlet, has only mentioned this on the crawl that runs beneath the talking heads on their programming.  Had this been a Republican politician, would the mainstream media have been equally subtle in their coverage?  I rather doubt it.

In fact, this video reveals the underlying sentiment of the M.S.M. when at approximately the :50 mark Keith Olbermann asks the question (in his own slip of the tongue) “what do we, what do we do…what does he do about that?” (emphasis mine)  While my hat is off to them for at least surfacing the incident, the unintended reveal here is that out of the abundance of Olbermann’s heart, is an apparent interest in “fixing” the problem for Obama rather than simply reporting it, or worse, had it been someone Olbermann opposes, absolutely destroying that person, which, if you have ever watched his political commentary, he is prone to do. 


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