New Obama HHS Secretary nominee – scary!

tiller-sebeliusKathleen Sebelius, shown here in the center of the photo, is reported to be the new nominee for Obama’s Health and Human Services secretary.  She comes with executive credentials as both a governor and as a state insurance commissioner.  She also has a cozy relationship with one of the most notorious late-term abortion doctors in the country, Dr. George Tiller, who specializes in 3rd trimester “therapeutic” abortions.  His practice of infanticide is located in Governor Sebelius’ state.

The fact that Obama will nominate her really comes as no surprise.  He is simply keeping his promise to make abortion “safe” and legal.  What has been most appalling are the voices of support that Sebelius is getting from Republicans, including the two U.S. Senators from Kansas, along with a few Republican governors.

For fleeting moments, I actually thought that maybe the republicans “got it” when they voted unanimously (not including the traitorous Senators, Snow, Collins, and Specter) to oppose the Obama Government Bankruptcy Act of 2009.  But it seems my confidence in them was premature.

Am I discouraged?  Yeah, I guess you could say that.

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