The times have really changed!

After almost 25 years of working at the headquarters of three different corporations, I left my last job working for someone else in 2000.  During some of those 25 years, computers were those monstrous machines that resided in large highly air conditioned dungeons, secured with locked doors and managed by people who spoke a language that used mostly English words, but which were strung together in unintelligible sentences.

Somewhere along the line, desktop and laptop computers and all of the productivity they offer became mainstream.  At first, only “special people” rated their personal and individual use.  But before long, there was probably something wrong with you, if you did NOT have one.

At any rate, after computers became pretty much standard office equipment, I can well remember when investing “company time” sending personal emails, or checking a sport score, or the weather back where the folks live, was considered a real fundamental breach of trust between an employee and his/her employer.

Well, it seems the times have really changed.  And I confess, those changes have been realized to a degree that I had no idea existed.  I’ll concede that I am perhaps a little naive, but wow!  I mean…WOW!  The statistics around this matter are mind-blowing! 

Read this Washington Times editorial about one of the latest moral lapses existing in American business and then Al Mohler’s commentary on it.  Both are excellent reads and I suspect you will be surprised at what you learn. 

As I struggle with the possibility that the current economic situation may require that I go back to work in a corporate environment, I shudder to think that this sort of moral corruption awaits.


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