Listen carefully to what they are saying now.


The old saying goes…

Q:  How do you know when a politician is lying?
A:  When his (her) lips are moving!

Congressional democrats and their three traitorous republican Senatorial co-conspirators (Spector, Snow and Collins) are gushing over the passage of the $800 billion “recovery and reinvestment act.”

Among the supposed benefits of this enormous bill is employment.  A timely and enticing offer in the face of continued job losses, as reported by first time applications for unemployment benefits.  Throughout the process of debate in congress, Barry Obama and his surrogates, along with the usual voices on Capital Hill, kept suggesting the creation of somewhere between 3 and 4 million jobs.

Now that the bill is near final passage, if you listen carefully, the rhetoric has changed to something along the lines of “create or save 3.5 million jobs.”  Did you catch that subtle slight-of-hand?  

How do you suppose the spendthrifts in Washington are going to measure “saved jobs”?  Lost jobs are relatively easy to count based on the standard used today, applications for unemployment benefits.  But employers are not required to report jobs that they retain that MIGHT have eliminated.  It is not even something they would measure internally.  And, employed persons are not required to report jobs they DON’T lose.  Simply stated, “saved” jobs is a metric that is impossible to calculate. 

And there in lies the magic for the elected elite.  It sounds good, cannot be measured and therefor refuted, and they will take credit for doing something good, in spite of it all.  Is there any wonder why the growing dissatisfaction with Congress as guaged by their approval ratings?

So folks, the fix is in.  No matter what the actual outcome may be, you can virtually count on the success of this bill, at least with respect to employment.  In fact, I would almost be willing to guess that the final results will look something like this…

3,500,001 jobs were either created or SAVED buy the Porkulus bill of 2009.


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