Darwin vindicated?

Today, February 12, 2009 is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin the father of the Theory of Evolution and the author of On the Origin of Species.  His theory, presented as fact, and taught virtually everywhere outside of strictly Christian education settings, rejects out-of-hand, God’s role in creation as clearly revealed in the Bible.  He is certainly no hero of mine.

But perhaps I have been too hasty in my judgment of him.  Based on this evidence, is it possible he should be vindicated?  Is evolution true?

I mean, was THIS going on before Michael Flatley?

Those guys are good!  But look at what it has evolved into.  Clothes and even shoes!

And then, there is this, where it appears that the female of the species has been allowed to come out of the trees, or exit the cave, in order to perform.


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