Ooops. Wonder how he’ll explain this?

Barry Obama spoke earlier today at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC.  The video below is long, and doesn’t even represent the entire speech.  However, there is a particular line that I recommend everyone listen to.  IN HIS OWN WORDS Barry declares “there is no God who condones taking the life of an innocent human being, this much we know…

How does he square this “knowledge” with his endorsement of the murder of unborn (innocent) human beings who are still in the womb?  Is there any possible explanation?

So as to spare you the utter waste of time listening to the entire speech, you can find Barry’s troublesome and contradictory statement starting at approximately the 4:00 mark in the video. 


2 Responses to Ooops. Wonder how he’ll explain this?

  1. Gabriel says:

    >Is there any possible explanation?


    Clearly, he doesn’t believe it’s alive at the stage of pregnancy during which the abortion procedure is performed.

    You may disagree with him on that point, and you’re welcome to.

    But that’s the explanation.

  2. Chuck says:

    Gabriel: Thanks for your comment. I don’t presume to suppose that you speak officially for President Barry, but since you have already offered an explanation on his behalf, could you now provide a point of view on when a baby becomes “alive”? Is it at any time during the first trimester? Second trimester? Only at the time of delivery?

    Using what you represent to be the President’s point of view, may I assume that a gestating baby, all the while growing inside its mother, is not “alive”? And using this line of reasoning, would it then be fair to conclude that an abortion can be regarded as merely the removal of necrotic tissue, albeit tissue that by any fair assessment is in a condition of growth?

    Again, acknowledging that you do not speak officially for the President, could you offer an alternative description for the state of existance of a gestating baby, if that state could not accuately be descibed as “living”?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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