News from the horse racing world.

horse-racing1I must confess that I am not really into horse racing.  And the physical breakdowns and subsequent euthanizing of horses at major races over the last couple of years makes me even less fond of the sport, if that is what it is called.  But I found this news video about the world of horse racing to be really interesting. 

It seems that all the other news these days is so depressing.  So, enjoy and have a good laugh.


5 Responses to News from the horse racing world.

  1. hhansen88 says:

    Wow, that was really funny but really awesome at the same time because it’s true, there are gay animals in the animal kingdom.

  2. hhansen88 says:

    Yeah, there is a story of a cattle owner who bought a bull. Now the bull would not mount the cows when it was placed with them, but it would mount the other bulls. So, I think what the owner did was use the bull for artificial insemination so he could still get his moneys-worth out of the bull. So, yeah there are gay animals in the animal kingdom.

  3. Chuck says:

    “…there is a STORY of a cattle owner…”

    Would love to see a credible article on the particular example you cite, or any other for that matter.

  4. hhansen88 says:

    Sorry “story” was the wrong word to use. It was just something a local farmer had heard about and then reported to the other farmers, and can you really find something like that? Go for it, but really I find the people obsessing over the gay animals more funny and interesting than the animals themselves. I don’t know, they’re just animals who happen to be gay to me.

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