Notes for Monday…great game, but fire the agency!

Super Bowl 43 was a very good game.  That makes two years in a row.  Even though my preference would have been a Cardinals’ victory, it was an exciting fourth quarter, and that made the whole game worth watching.

Since I usually am relatively indifferent to the two teams playing, my normal interest in the Super Bowl is the commercials.  This year was no exception.  Thank goodness it was a good game, because in general, the commercials were a huge disappointment.  Hence the note to self…fire the agency!

Of the over 40 commercials that I took notes on, I would say that only 5 merit any positive comments.

As usual, the Budweiser Clydesdale commercials rate among the highest for me.

[Note:  The “star” ratings that appear at the top of each video are not mine, but are evidently from the original source at YouTube.]

“…great grandpa tried his hoof…” a great line buried in the narration!

I thought the Pedigree adopt-a-dog commercial was both funny and effective.

As a guy who used to work for Coke, the fact that I even list this is remarkable, but it does a good job of targeting a particular market.

But this Pepsi ad was nothing short of awful.

As for my old employer, I thought their ads were pretty weak, but this one had its good qualities for anyone old enough to get the play off of the old Mean Joe Green ad.

There was one commercial that is complex on many levels.  It is simultaneously memorable and terribly annoying.  I am clear that it is a Career Builder ad and I doubt I will ever forget that fact.  But I will only need to see this commercial about twice or three times and then it is going to have a negative impact as far as recall and reaction are concerned.  I would say that this ad has a really short shelf life and the placement for this ad will be difficult so as to not wear out its welcome.

For the ad that selected THE most illadvised spokesperson, takes the cake.  hulu may be the best new product or service since night baseball, but Alec Baldwin as its spokesperson?  Selection of celebrities is really a relatively simple focus testing process.  No question that Baldwin is recognizable, but he is also remarkably polarizing.  With his outspoken, left-leaning politial bent and the well publicized verbal abuse of his daughter a couple of years ago, he hardly seems like the kind of guy you want to pitch your product.  Not a smart choice agency!

So creative guys, you have a year to figure out how to do it better.  Anheuser-Busch agency, you’re entitled to take a short vacation.


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