Oh god of our WHAT?

 …”of our many understandings.”  Our many understandings?

This video is the invocation that Eugene Robinson, the openly gay Episcopal Bishop, offered at the first inaugural event held yesterday in Washington D.C.  He addresses his prayer to the “god of our many understandings,” whatever that is intended to mean.  

This might just take the cake for the most indecisive opening of a prayer that I have ever heard.  This sets a new high water mark for political correctness and inclusiveness.  No one can say they were excluded, except of course the atheists who are convinced that there probably is no god. 

Notice how reverently the people in the foreground of the video regard this invocation.

4 Responses to Oh god of our WHAT?

  1. medinaumc says:

    I take the “god of our many understandings,” to mean the god that YOU create out of your understandings… which clearly has implications in Eugene Robinson’s case. I’m convinced the god Robinson worships is not my God. I’m glad I’m not an Episcopalian.

    What is a guy who is BLATANTLY living in confessed SIN doing leading our country in prayer?

  2. Chuck says:

    In answer to your question, I suppose he is balancing the scale for the various “interest” groups who were so opposed to Rick Warren being selected to pray at the actual inaguration itself. Hopefully Warren will be true to his confession and pray a Christ-centered intercession for our new president, and do so without appology for his Christian faith.

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