If the New York Times is critical, he must be doing something right.


The New York Times Magazine will run an article on Mark Driscoll in its January 11, 2009 issue.  The on-line version can be read at this link.

Not surprisingly, the NYT writer gets her story a little mangled, particularly in her descriptions of Calvinism and in the hyperbole about the man Calvin, himself.

And there is clearly a hint of cynicism or perhaps even disdain for Reformed Theology and Mark Driscoll in particular and very likely, evangelical Christianity in general.  And the writer’s predictions at the conclusion of the article cannot be based on anything other than personal opinion, mere speculation, or maybe wishful thinking, reflecting her preference for the future of Mark Driscoll’s ministry. 

Still, she does get some things right.  And for those who are unfamiliar with Mark Driscoll, they will get at least a peak at his highly effective ministry in a part of our country that would be most generously described as “counter-cultural” and is perhaps more accurately characterized as anarchist.

For those seeking to reach the unchurched and post-modern, there are lessons to be learned from this man.

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One Response to If the New York Times is critical, he must be doing something right.

  1. Brandon says:

    Good word, Chuck.

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