The _____ Blog Posts of 2008

If you look around the blogosphere this time of year, there are all sorts of lists that reflect something about 2008.  (Isn’t there some unspoken rule that bloggers must do such a post near the year’s end?)  Sensing that to be the case, I feel some sense of obligation to do one myself.  I know.  Simply following the crowd is hardly a good reason to do anything, but as you’ll see, this was actually premeditated and planned early last year.

I hesitate to call the list that follows, the “best” blog posts of the year, as I am certain that there were some better.  But each of these, for various reasons, caused me to stop at the time and make a record of them for a return visit some day.  Each struck me at the time as particularly insightful, or helpful to solidifying my thoughts on a subject, so I saved them.  And here they are.

This offers up far more reading than most will care to tackle, but you might try a few and see how they strike you.

Escaping Justice  – Tim Challies 1/2/08

A three part series by Tim Challies:  Are there Errors in the Bible? – 1/11/08, What does “Inerrant” Mean? – 1/12/08, Errors and Contradictions in the Bible – 1/14/08.

Is Matriarchy the Shape of the Future? – Albert Mohler 1/17/08

Christianity vs Jesusanity– Albert Mohler 1/18/08

Jonathan Edwards in Charity and Its Fruits – Josh Harris 2/14/08

A series on the subject of Emerging vs. Emergent written by C. Michael Patton.  Would The Real Emerger Please Stand Up.

Digital Native and Digital Nomads.  Al Mohler 3/31/08

The Exegetical Process.  C Michael Patton 3/31/08 

Marriage and the Glory of God  Al Mohler 4/2/08

A Primer on the Christian Understanding of Capital Punishment  C Michael Patton 4/8/08

What do you mean by “free will”?  C Michael Patton 4/22/08

A Little Bit of Comfort for Machen’s Worrier Children  Carl Trueman July, 2008

As One With Authority  Al Mohler’s commencement address to graduates of Southern Seminary 12/12/08


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