So,which one is it?

As a former marketing executive, I know that one of the key tasks of marketing and advertising management is keeping a rein on the copywriters and creative talent in the advertising agency.  Here is a perfect example of an agency that has developed a script to fit a contrived character/spokesman with something less than a perfect outcome.

The character that has been created is supposed to be something like a rancher or oil field rough neck; a type that would probably not be prone to the adoption of “new-fangled technology.”  In keeping with the character, he uses a couple of folksy expressions, but they are at odds with one another.  Did you catch them?

With respect to the earth, and the ad’s euphomisms to describe it, I have a question…Which one is it?  “God’s green earth,” or “Hell’s half acre.”  If the ad agency had presented this ad to me in storyboard form with the script, it would have failed on account of trying to be too cute with the character and his lines.  Send it back to the copywriters for a re-work.


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