This troubling scene reported in Texas.


It will not even “officially” be winter for a little over a week.  Yet, we experienced our first official snowfall in south, central and southeast Texas earlier this week.  There are strings of years that can be put together when there is NO snowfall in these parts of the state and for it to have happened in the first half of December is really remarkable.

Out in the Hill Country, we got a nice dusting that stuck to the ground for probably 24 hours in certain shaded area around our home.  As some of my readers are former temporary residents of College Station, they got a significant amount of snow according to a client of ours, who travelled through it to come to our place of business.  Houston received snow, and even NOLA, New Orleans, LA received snow on Thursday morning.

All that I can say (cynically I might add) is thank goodness for Global Warming.  When I was younger, I had considered several employment opportunities that would have taken me and my family to northern regions, but the winter weather simply had no appeal to me.  To have to consider the possibility of enduring that sort of climate down here in Texas is almost too much to bear.  The thought of having to buy a snow shovel and snow tires and special wardrobe, I just can’t handle that.  And this week’s weather event is a reminder of the bullet we have dodged, thanks perhaps to Global Warming.

HT: my DAD for the cartoon


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