A true hack.

Sadly, it has almost become the norm to expect that politicians are, at the very least, receiving some sort of preference or favorable terms from a variety of outside sources who seek influence. 

And, to their shame, many politicians are quite artful at covering up such deals.  Occasionally, a spare $100,000 gets found in a freezer, or some construction project is found to have been competed under surprisingly favorable terms.  But most of the funny deals are done in such a way that it really takes a little effort to discern if anything has been done improperly or not.

But that was until now.  A new record for transparency can be given to the Governor of Illinois.  Boy must the citizens of that state be proud.  Even a state known for corrupt politicians has out done itself this time.  They have elected a guy who is not even smart enough to play the corruption game at a level that might escape detection, or at least make it a little bit difficult to unwind.  Talk about a political hack.  Rod Blagojevich is so amateurish that even after he knew he was under investigation by the Feds, he continued to pursue the sale of Barack Obama’s open Senate seat among other funny business, most of which was designed to enrich himself or his family.  About all that can be said is “amazing.”

Read more about it here.


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