For users of WordPress

If you have not already discovered it, WordPress has implemented some changes to their dashboard.  It will be apparent to you immediately when you log into your personal site.  As with any change, getting used to where buttons are and other features is going to take some time.  I am reserving judgment on my impressions until I have used it for a while.

Something I have discovered though is that in their implementing this “upgrade” a couple of settings for MY blog were not as they were before the change.  I suppose they must have reverted to some default setting.  At any rate, the ones that I have found so far are:

1.  While not of great importance, the Time Zone was incorrect.  You can find that control in the left margin of the screen near the bottom under “Settings“.  Open that dialogue box and click on “General“.  You’ll find a place to make that adjustment if it is needed.

2.  The other adjustment I had to make is a bit more serious.  I operate an open forum, meaning that I do not moderate comments.  I do read them, and if needed, I will delete comments that are off-point or have offensive content.  The new Dashboard reverted to a setting that required that all comments receive moderation.  My apologies to Lee Wilson for the temporary appearance that his comment on another post was awaiting moderation.  To check your own blog, you will again go to “Settings” and find a tab for “Discussion.”   Here you will find selections for “Before a comment appears.”

As an aside…through all of the modifications and upgrades that WordPress has made, I continue to be amazed that their spell checker still does not recognize the words “blog”, or “blogger.”  Doesn’t that seem curious?


One Response to For users of WordPress

  1. leewilson7170 says:

    thanks on the helpful quirk updates on the new WordPress layout.

    I hadn’t made the blog and blogger connection, I noticed it, but you are exactly right on how bizarre that is.

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