Challies reviews “twilight”

twilightWhile I did finally get around to reading The Shack last summer, my current sense is that it is HIGHLY unlikely that I will read any of the hot 4-book series twilight (the movie for the first novel is just now hitting the market with lots of television ad support).  Still, I know that I have several readers who have children or grandchildren of the age for which the book has been targeted.  For that reason, I offer this link to a review of the book written by blogger Tim Challies.  As usual, he does a marvelous job of reading and reviewing with a special discernment that might be helpful to parents/grandparents as they consider allowing their young people to be a part of this book series or the movies adapted from them.


One Response to Challies reviews “twilight”

  1. coffee says:

    i wonder what will be more successful/popular in the long run, Twilight or Harry Potter

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