Happy Birthday “WHATEVER!”

WHATEVER! is one year old today.  Whether the reading of its content has been beneficial for any of its visitors will remain largely a mystery to the editorial board of the blog.  But it has been an interesting and largely beneficial year of effort for the writer. 

As with the preponderance of blogs, (as of this writing, WordPress.com alone hosts nearly 4.8 million blogs) this site has been mostly an outlet for the author who has published articles with little expectation that they would be broadly read.  That said, it has been really surprising how many visitors there have been in the last year and the places they have come from.  Equally interesting have been the articles that have received the greatest attention. 

By an overwhelming margin, the article that has received the greatest number of visitors was the one I wrote back in April about Chloe Marshall, the plus-sized beauty queen from England.  At almost 700 visits, it represents approximately 10% of all the traffic to the site.  In one day alone, 131 visitors hit the page thanks to a Russian newspaper, which for reasons that are unknown to me, linked to the article.  How they found it in the first place is a mystery.  Visitors continued to come in from that referrer for several days following.

The second most visited place in the blog has been “About Chuck.”  I can only assume that people are amazed at the brilliance of the insight, the phenomenal writing and the near perfect analysis, and want find out who is behind it.  It’s either that, or folks wondering who the presumptuous idiot is, who dares to publish the stuff they have wasted their pixels on.

The third most visited article has been the one I wrote in mid-July about the fuss made by the Christian press in the U.K., over Mattel’s introduction of a Barbie doll fashioned after the comic book heroine Black Canary.

I am clueless as to where this blog will head in the year to come.  The “fun” of blogging is still present, but with a year under the belt, the newness of the sport obviously has diminished.  I am guessing that as year two begins, the content of WHATEVER! will be as varied as it has been during its first year, with articles ranging from fairly serious theological discussion to the cynical commentary on contemporary culture and politics.

My thanks and appreciation goes out to all of my regular readers.  And if you have stumbled in here only for the first time today, thanks for visiting.  I hope that you will check in from time to time to discover WHATEVER thoughts are on my mind.  To which you might say…”WHATEVER!”


2 Responses to Happy Birthday “WHATEVER!”

  1. leewilson7170 says:

    stay spicy Mr. Chuck, don’t let the ney sayers bring you down!

  2. Chuck says:


    Thanks for reading and for the encouragement. Spicy it is.

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