Spiritual regeneration and the auto industry.

An odd combination in that title to be sure.  Yet, I think there is a parallel between the two and a moment of opportunity that must be seized. 

In man’s naturally depraved state, he operates with short sightedness, living for the moment, without much regard for the long term consequences.  Whenever his thoughts are forward thinking, they are invariably focused on what his next unrighteous deed will be.  Wretched alliances are formed and deals are struck with other Hell-bound fellows, always with eternally fatal consequences. 

But, under the direct agency of God, and according to the purpose of His will, those who are elect unto salvation are brought by means of grace, to an awareness of their corruption and wickedness.  Eyes become open to the dead-end that is the destination of their current course and their utter inability to significantly alter the outcome within their own strength.  Simultaneously, the irresistible offer of a better outcome is made.  The certainty of the process of salvation and regeneration is sure, as God is the sovereign operator of that action.  And once it has been accomplished, the believer has the opportunity and indeed the obligation, to repent, meaning literally to turn away from his misdeeds.  Likewise he is to sever, or at least amend his unrighteous relationships that are prone to tug at him to return to his former rotten life.  But, the new born believer is not expected to do this alone.  Instead, he is given an indwelling Godly presence to help with the ongoing process of sanctification.  And also important, his old master and nemesis, Satan, has no ruling power over him any longer.

Left to their own devises, companies also are prone to shortsighted behavior without adequate consideration to the long term consequences.  Whenever they do look into the future, it is with imperfect knowledge coupled with gross miscalculations and probably all too often framed by what are the benefits for the here and now.  Ill advised alliances are made and lousy deals are struck, sometimes with fatal consequences. 

Under the provisions of The United States Bankruptcy Code, those who seek protection under its 11th Chapter are afforded the opportunity to choose a better outcome than what is inevitable, based on the current course they are on.   It affords those who seek its protection to reorganize themselves by acknowledging their inability within themselves to get on the right course, and to declare that they must change their current way of operating or meet a fatal end.  This 11th Chapter allows companies to acknowledge their misdeeds, poor decisions, fatal deals they have struck and to get relief from them under the supervision of a court appointed master.  Contracts with the people who work for them, and companies to whom they owe money, among others, are held at bay by this court appointed master, giving them a sense of security while they get themselves back on a positive track.

Ford, GM, Chrysler, your moment is now.  Accept Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code, overturn the lousy deals you have struck with labor and lenders, and dealers and suppliers and everyone else that will see you in business-hell if you don’t take this once in a lifetime opportunity.  Being “saved” by a government bailout is only a fix of the drug you are currently on and it leads to no where.  You are depraved and rotten from the inside out.  You need to be regenerated by the “grace” that is offered by a Chapter 11 restructuring.


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