Why I could NEVER vote for Barry Obama.

As readers of this site may remember during the Republican presidential primaries, I was not especially a fan on John McCain.  His selection of Sarah Palin for his vice-presidential running mate helped me like him a bit more, but still, he is just not my guy.

That said, I have already cast my ballot for him, by way of early voting.  But in many respects, it is less because I am voting FOR him, and more because I am voting AGAINST Barry.  There are lots of reasons to NOT vote for Barry.  Here are a few of the big ones for me.  These are not in rank order, just a list.

1.  Economic and tax policies matter.  Barry is unapologetic about his slip of the tongue with Joe the Plumber.  He intends to redistribute wealth, and whether the adjective term sits well with you or not, socialist is one that works for me to describe this approach to government revenue and spending.  Furthermore, his story keeps changing about the threshold for where taxes will increase.  It used to be $250k, now it is $200k according to Barry.  And Joe Biden has said that threshold is $150.  Do I hear $100, 75, 50?

2.  Foreign policy matters.  Barry is a lightweight in very many respects.  His resume is thin on virtually every aspect of the duties associated with the presidency.  But he is perhaps thinnest on foreign policy.  His attitudes are beyond ignorant, or naive, they are dangerous.  And when his running mate promises a “testing” in the first 6 months of an Obama presidency, that is enough alone to say, “no thank you Barry.”

3.  Protection of innocent life matters.  Obama is indisputably the most liberally aggressive pro-murder-of-the-unborn, candidate EVER to arrive on the national scene.  His positions, as demonstrated by his voting record, make a mockery of even the usual democrat mantra about making “abortion safe, legal, but rare.”  You need look no further than his support of the Freedom of Choice acts for proof. 

4.  Associations matter.  While we all have acquaintances that we would like to have blotted out of our backgrounds, Barry Obama seems to collect the most suspicious variety like pocket change that gets put in a jar on the dresser every night.  His efforts to merely dismiss his close connections with domestic terrorists, convicted felons, racial and theological anarchists, and high ranking officials of government identified global terror networks, as simply being folks he has known in the past, is beyond troubling.  We have not heard the last from these folks, and I am unconvinced that these people reside only in Barry’s history.  I think they are very much a part of his, and therefore OUR future if he is elected President.

5.  A Liberal Trifecta matters.  It seems like a near certainty that both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate will be largely if not totally controlled by democrats.  A deadly liberal trifecta created by the addition of THE most extreme leftist president in U.S history will undo the nation as we know it.  You think we are leaving a mess for our children and grandchildren based on what is in place now in the way of debt and the like, you ain’t seen nothing yet.


One Response to Why I could NEVER vote for Barry Obama.

  1. A vote for Obama is a vote for killing babies. Some wish to deny the simple fact. They delude themselves.

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