This will warm your heart (or not).

To assert that an entire generation universally holds to some standard set of ideologies is preposterous.  If I look at my own generational peers, (reaching adulthood in the 1970’s) absolutely every political persuasion known to man would be represented.  This same magnitude of diversity could be said for just about any other measure of our intellectual pursuits, our interests, and our personal values.  I challenge anyone to prove otherwise as relates to my generation, or any other for that matter.

But alas, take heart.  Things are changing.  Take a look at OUR future!  These are the folks that say they are going to be running the world in 8 years.

An interesting video, well written, edited for great impact and dramatically performed.  I say “performed” because aside from maybe a half dozen or so of the people who appeared, none, in my judgment, would have been able to string together these thoughts without the assistance of someone, perhaps Eric Greenberg himself. 

So, where to begin with dissecting this propaganda?  Perhaps with the shameless indoctrination of children.  According to the script, all of the so-called Generation We’s will be of voting age in 8 years, meaning that everyone in this video must have been at least 10 years of age.  Some appeared to me to be more like 6 or 7 years old.  The production method for a video such as this is to have each person read the entire script, so that once the editing process begins, the producers can select the most impactful recitation of each point made.  Meaning that even the youngest were reading all of the assertions that were made in the video.  Even if this wasn’t indoctrination, it was at least exploitation. 

Or maybe a place to start would be the outrageous generalizations (We’s are more globally oriented, (what is the evidence); technologically adept (because you are comfortable with and can use a computer or play a video game?); less politically partisan (oh, so some of those 10, 11, and 12 year olds are already practicing non-partisanship?).

And how about that hopeful statement that the We’s are going to inherit a nation in decline.  Huh?  They say this as if it is fait accompli.  How was that decided?  Are the We’s also clairvoyant?  Sure we have problems that must be dealt with, but what exactly is it about our nation that allows for so certain a conclusion that it is in decline?    And then there are the contradictions.  Such as, they are the best educated generation, but the education systems are failing.  News break to the We’s…every generation in this country, has been better educated that the one preceding it.  You guys are not unique in this regard!  And your children, as a generation, will be better educated that YOU are.    Don’t be so fast to pat yourselves on the back.  But more to the point, is knowledge the same thing as wisdom?  I think it is NOT.

Or maybe I should start with the outright fabrications (the “We’s” will have a lower life span than their parents…how can they possibly know that?  If it is true, I suspect it will be the first time it has ever happened since some of the accounts in the Old Testament).  And then there is Eric Greenberg’s extraordinary ability to look into the future and discern with such certainty, that there will be this homogeneous value system that will be embraced by Generation We.  Perhaps there is a greater likelihood that the values he assigns to Generation We, are representative of his own.

No doubt Greenberg raises some interesting points and areas that frankly are concerns shared by more than just Generation We.  However, to assert that these matters will define the mission of this generation is absurd.  I have the privilege of interacting with a number of Millennials, a new bunch every year, and I can assure you that the issues raised in this video are not the heartbeat of the young people I am around.  And frankly, the ones I know seem much more hopeful, and far less despondent.  And they also seem to lack the animus for their parents’ generation that is reflected in the video by the intonations of the people reading the script when they mention the expression “Baby Boomers.”  It just seems to drip with disdain.

Maybe I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but this video strikes me as a product of unseasoned idealism, or maybe just plain old arrogance.  But in reflection, that is the mark of each generation as they reach their 20’s.  After all, they have this vast institutional knowledge, coupled with an unrecognized dearth of life-experience on which to rely.  And in their cockiness, they are primed and ready to solve ALL of the problems of the world.  How do I know?  Because I am certain I was right there doing the same thing 30-something years ago.

But, you know what?  This sort of thing has been going on since the beginning of human history.  And the first examples were a young(ish) couple, in a garden, a long time ago, half a world away from where most of my readers sit, thinking they had a better plan than their father.

By the way, did anyone happen to hear any mention of faith in this oh, so wonderful future world?  Nope, I didn’t catch it either.  Shall we assume then, that Generation We will be post-theonomous?

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