I think he’s on to something here.

Yesterday, columnist Jim Pinkerton wrote an article that provides an interesting thought.  And I am not talking about his Alinsky-Lucifer connection, but rather the point he makes near the end of the article.

I have been somewhat amazed that the associations that Barry Obama has with some rather unsavory characters has not gained more traction.  The fact that the mainstream media has not covered it on its own is well understood.  Their adoration for Barry has caused them to selectively abandon their journalistic objectivity and blood-thirst for substantive stories. 

But maybe the lack of coverage is not totally their fault.  Perhaps McCain and his campaign management have blown it strategically with respect to really demonstrating the pattern of behavior suggested by Barry’s embrace of radical colleagues.  Had McCain done so, perhaps even the leftist media would have succumbed to pressure and done their job.  After all, eventually they jumped on William Jefferson Clinton’s moral failure with Monica Lewinski, when the evidence was too great to allow them to continue to provide cover for him.  And recall that stories of his indiscretions were rampant before the famous blue dress affair.  Maybe that was the straw that broke the camels back…a la the “rule of three.”

When this year’s campaign is over and the debriefing takes place, win or lose, the McCain camp and all future republicans (who also will not be assisted by mainstream media investigative journalists) better take this “rule of three” thing to heart.  But equally, the “rule of three” can work against them.  Better watch who you keep company with if you desire to hold political office.


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