What did they say?

Well, here we have two of them saying it. That which we have known for some time.  Both Barry Obama and  Bob Beckel, a democrat consultant, say, in no uncertain terms, that the Obama tax and economic plan includes “spreading the wealth around” or, said another way, “taking money from a group of people and giving it to the mass majority of people.”

This revelation is not really new news.  It has been understood by everyone I have talked to.  What it is, is refreshing to hear these two being so forthright with the reality of the Obama plan.  And the reason it is refreshing is that it seems until now, that Obama and his supporters and apologists have been unwilling to speak so clearly on this matter.  Indeed, up until these admissions, it almost seemed like they wanted to change the conversation.  And some even went so far as to deny that this is their plan.  But, boy, it is so much harder to deny it when the words flow directly from their own mouths.  Seriously, they must be relieved to be able to discuss this openly now, without having to parse words.

If you are pressed for time and don’t want to listen to the entire 4 minute video, you can hear the admissions that Barry’s plans call for wealth redistribution at the 0:20 mark and the 3:20 mark.


2 Responses to What did they say?

  1. I am starting to think we need to follow the lead of the French and have another revolution.

  2. Chuck says:


    All kidding aside, I am not sure it couldn’t happen in our lifetimes.

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