See it here!

I have had a difficult time figuring out exactly what happened, and have only been able to piece together parts of the story.  As I understand it, on October 4th, Saturday Night Live broadcast a skit lampooning Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank and George Soros, (and not surprisingly George Bush) as it related to the $700+ billion bail out bill.  Skits such as this are normally available for viewing at the NBC website, but this one has been taken down.  And if I understand correctly, claiming infringement of their copyrights, all videos of the skit that were on YouTube have also been removed.

The skit and its subsequent treatment is proof to me that the writers and maybe even producers of SNL “get” what is going on in Washington, and are clear that the Democrats are significantly responsible for what has happened in our economy in general and the mortgage crisis in particular.  However, executives of NBC must have been receiving considerable heat from the political powers that be, thus explaining the removal of the video.  More evidence of not JUST left leaning, but rather, the sold-out leftist inclinations of NBC’s management.  And until proved otherwise, I would suggest this includes parent corporation General Electric as well. 

Until they are able to remove the video from this person’s server, here is a link to a site that has the video.  Enjoy!

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