Oh, really?

One must always consider the source when receiving “good advice”, and also the context in which it is given.

Over the course of the last couple of days, Lanny Davis (who was/is a close friend and advisor to Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign, and now a “supporter” of Barry Obama) and Robert Gibbs, who is an  adviser to Barry’s campaign are giving advice to the McCain organization, via media interviews, on how McCain can regain his recently lost ground against Obama.  And importantly, if their advice is taken, McCain will stand a better chance of success in winning the election next month.

How/what should McCain do according to these two?  Well, they enthusiastically suggest that he NOT focus on the questionable associations that Obama has had over the course of his adult life that lead to his political big adventure.  Specifically, in the last two days, McCain’s campaign is encouraged to not concentrate any effort on Barry’s ties to William Ayers.

I am left wondering what it is I am missing about this friendly advice.  I am scratching my head wondering why would a republican candidate (even if he is basically a RINO) take suggestions on “how to win” from a person who is actively supporting his opponent?  Have we reached a new spirit of cooperation wherein teams provide their playbooks to their opponents?  Is it at all possible that those suggestions are calculatedly wrong and intended to insure defeat? 

Or am I just being cynical?  Yeah, that must be it.  Lanny Davis and Robert Gibbs really care about McCain’s slip in the polls and are “reaching out” to help him so that these last few weeks of the campaign remain interesting.  They really think that focusing on Barry’s associations with persons of questionable character, such as Jeremiah Wright, Michael Pfleger, Tony Rezko, William Ayers, and Franklin Raines will be hurtful to John McCain’s efforts and that he ought to leave that alone and concentrate on other matters.  Well, I suppose that is what he should do then.

I guess, using this line of reasoning, it would be far better for us to know and understand the nature of the man who might be our president, AFTER he is in office.

Oh, the buyer’s remorse we will have at that time.  Or, given the current polling figures, is it possible we just don’t care and won’t even after it’s too late?


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