A feature length movie produced by a Baptist Church?  Yeah, their third in fact.  Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, GA has produced their third movie, Fireproof.  Another of their movies, Facing the Giants, was a winner at the box office and in sales of DVDs.  My hope is that this latest movie will be at least as successful.

Remarkably, Fireproof (as with Sherwood’s other films) was produced with all volunteers, approximately 1,200 of them including the actors themselves.  Kirk Cameron was the only professional actor in the cast, and he was not paid for his performance.  Instead, the production company made a donation to his family’s camp for sick children.

Without intending to be mean spirited by this comment, the production quality is not on par with major Hollywood films.  But that said, the storyline is also not on their level.  Rather, it rises to the level of something that is really commendable as it addresses a problem in our culture that needs attention.  And importantly, the solution they offer is the one that Hollywood would never consider. 

See this movie for its message.  See it in the theaters to send a message to the Hollywood movie industry, that this film and others like it are commercially viable. 

Lead actor, Kirk Cameron (Sherwood shuns the title “star,” as it might take away from the message) has a unique story to tell about his own commitment to marriage as it relates to the production of this film.  Read about it and see the videos here.

4 Responses to Fireproof

  1. Thanks for sharing the trailer. That looks powerful.

  2. Chuck says:


    We are glad we saw the movie and I recommend it to anyone and especially to married couples. May not be a life-changer for many who see it, but a movie worth seeing nonetheless.

  3. Thanks for the tip. I look forward to seeing it.

  4. patrick says:

    I just got back from watching Fireproof… it was great to see such a different-flavored movie on the regular, big screen

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