Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

(Answer:  No not really!)

As regular readers of this blog know, I am highly skeptical of current notions that mankind is in the process of systematically destroying planet Earth.  That said, readers should also know that I AM supportive of efforts to conserve natural resources, and to minimize avoidable harm to air and water, and that I am in favor of rational and reasonable efforts to reduce energy consumption, although my primary motivation here is NOT environmental, but rather for economic and national security reasons. 

Furthermore, I am not overly concerned that we are depleting sources of oil and other fossil fuels nor am I convinced that our use of fossil fuels is the conclusive cause of so-called “global warming.”  And I am absolutely resistant to release those who (in some cases) militantly waved the banner of “global warming” to now conveniently refer to it as “climate change” when they embarrassingly find themselves bumping up against evidence that seems to discredit their claims of environmental apocalypse from rising temperatures.

Such has been the case with an NBC Today show crew which was producing a story about the disappearance of ice in the arctic.  Apparently, for the second time in recorded history, the Northwest Passage was found to be free from ice.  However, in the course of filming for the story, the crew became detained well beyond the time they had planned on filming. 

And what do you ask were they detained by?  Something that might be described as arctic weather!  Imagine that!  They probably hoped to report from the arctic in shorts and Hawaiian shirts due to the balmy conditions caused by global warming.  But oops!  Not so much. 

Read more about this “inconvenient truth”  here.



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