Further evidence of the point already made.

Now even HE is doing it.  Just moments ago, President George W. Bush, while making a statement from the Oval Office, made this comment:

I appreciate Senator Harry Reid’s leadership of the Senate…

Really, President Bush?  You’re serious?  The man who has referred to you as a liar and has essentially questioned your judgement on every decision that has been made during your term in office, has your appreciation?   Under his leadership you have witnessed an obstructionist Senate agenda with respect to your plans and in really contemporary terms, has lent his support for the root cause of the problem that now plagues our nation.  You appreciate that? 

It would be an understatement to say that I am surprised at that sentiment.

I know that there is this phoney expression of “respect and formality” that permeates Washington and maybe this is a product of that phoniness.  And, I have a general understanding of your desire to change political discourse, and to try to moderate the rhetoric.    But that desire must be combined with statements that include an element of believability?  You saying that you appreciate Harry Reid, is a statement that falls short of that standard.

President Bush, your lips were moving, and as much as I would like to think otherwise, I am hard pressed to believe you when those moving lip utter the words:  “I appreciate Harry Reid”.  How I wish that you had not provided further evidence to the point I made yesterday, with respect to politicians in general, and Congress in particular.

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