Intellectual dishonesty? Yeah, and politics as usual.

Further to my last post, the demonstration of politically motivated intellectual dishonesty is absolutely astounding in the last 20 hours.

Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank, among others, are pointing fingers at the republicans for the defeat of the so-called bail out bill.  On the defensible side of their argument, 133 republicans did have the good sense to vote “No” on this bill, while 65 voted “Aye.”  Among those who decided to support the bill was my representative.  (Your explanations are not particularly satisfying to me, Lamar Smith R-TX!  I would love to see the figures representing the input your offices received from your constituents and how that compared to your “Aye” vote.  I would be absolutely astonished to find out that your rock-ribbed conservative republican district was in favor of you supporting this bail out!)

But the dishonesty of the democrats’ comments lie in the fact that their party had the necessary votes to pass the bill from within their own party conference.  However, owing to the unpopularity of this bill, some democrats were explicitly given permission by the Speaker to vote against it, so as to avoid fire from constituents in the upcoming elections.  The bill failed to pass by only 12 votes.  Out of 235 democrat members of the House, 95 voted “No.”  95!  The democrats couldn’t get 12 of those 95?  So, it’s the republicans fault?

Further, with respect to Nancy Pelosi, 15 democrat representatives from the California delegation, HER state, voted “No” on the bill.  [For any democrats who may be reading this, to make the math simple for you, that is 3 more than the 12 needed to pass the bill.]  And of the 37 democrat members of Barney Frank’s House Financial Services Committee, the one that was principally responsible for writing the bill, 12 voted “No.”  As chairman of this committee, he could not get these votes from his own party and his own committee to pass the bill that they created.  What is wrong with that picture?  Can you not see the intellectual dishonesty in trying to paste the defeat of this bill on republicans?

This whole matter lends credibility to the old joke. 

Q:  How can you tell when a politician is lying? 
A:  When their lips are moving!

The democrats are AT BEST telling half truths about the voting results for H R 3997.  How can you tell?  When they try to explain the bill’s defeat, their lips are moving!

P.S.:  To too great a degree, that old joke applies to the republicans as well.  Frankly, I am convinced that no one in Washington can be trusted to speak truthfully about political matters.  Can anyone say “Term Limits”?


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