Oh, what’s the next generation coming to?

One of the ways in which God has chosen to bless me is with the privilege forming relationships with a bunch of college-aged young people every summer.  It would not be at all incorrect or unflattering to describe these young men and women as “ordinary” on a variety of different levels.  They come from a variety of family backgrounds, and financial circumstances.  Their faith backgrounds and upbringing vary from devout to virtually non-existent.  They have many different academic interests and career aspirations.  Some are fastidious in their appearance, (all of the ladies, and some of the guys), while a few sport sort of a “college scruffy” look ( none of the ladies and some of the guys).  In lots of ways, they seem just like every other young person on a college campus.  And if the setting was a classroom, or just seeing them walk across campus, you’d probably never pick my friends out from the others. 

But they are all far from “ordinary”, in fact they are exceptional in the sense that have a profound awareness of a personal calling, and it is a calling that they are responding to.  They all profess a faith in Jesus Christ, and a willingness to serve Him, despite the alternative pursuits that are available to them and how they could choose to spend their time away from school.  And some go from there, to vocational ministry.

I met two such guys during the summer of 2003 and have maintained a relationship with them ever since.  They are brothers.  I can say that both of them have served to encourage and challenge me to a much greater extent than I could ever imagine I may have done in return for them.

In the relatively short existence “WHATEVER!”, I have linked to their two separate blogs, and now to their shared blog “irruption.”  I commend their site to all of my readers.  Because of other commitments, they do not always post on a daily basis, but their site is well worth linking to, or adding to a reader.


As you get a glimpse of their minds and their spirits, note that these two guys are only in their mid-twenties!  They are both wise beyond their years.  One brother has completed his M.Div. and is currently pursuing doctoral studies in New Testament.  The other is still studying for his M.Div. in Christian Ministry and, as you will read, is exploring God’s call to plant a church in Philadelphia.

Since I am in my mid-fifties, and they in their mid-twenties, that makes them the “next generation” for me.  And, in answer to my own question in the title, THIS is what at least part of the next generation is coming to.


2 Responses to Oh, what’s the next generation coming to?

  1. Bret says:

    Chuck, thank you for the kind words and the link. It has truly been a blessing to stay in touch with you throughout the years, continue in our encouragement/exhortation of one another, and continue blogging together in like spiritedness. May the grace of God be with and upon you!



  2. Brandon says:


    Thanks for the encouragement. You were a divine appointment in both mine and Bret’s lives. I am so glad that our relationship has extended beyond that summer at Deer Creek. We know we have a true bond with you and Leigh that is founded in Christ. Thanks for your wisdom over the years.


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