“The Calvin I Never Knew”

While on vacation last week, I was able to finally listen to some MP3s of a lecture delivered by Frank James III, a professor of church history at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando.  Frank James first came to my awareness when his brother Kelly died along with two of his climbing companions when the three men were attempting an ascent of Mt. Hood in Oregon in December, 2006.  His gracious consolations were striking when he acted as spokesman for the family and then when he eulogized his brother .  It was about a month later that I learned of his profession and the confident hope of his comments were put into good perspective.

The lecture that I listened to was about John Calvin entitled “The Calvin I Never Knew.”   The total run time, including the Q&A that followed is about 1 hour and 45 minutes.  It was excellent in the service of debunking several myths about Calvin, that are all too common among the uninformed laity, but sadly advanced by far too many with theological credentials but holding opposing views.

You can download this lecture free from the iTunes Store.  The lecture and its availability is not new as I think I downloaded it way back in February this year.  So, if you have heard remarks on Calvin by Frank James some time in the last year, this will probably not be new to you.

Maybe I need to go on vacation more often so that this good stuff doesn’t sit around so long unlistened to.


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