Really random ruminations on Obama Biden

Now that Barry Obama has selected Joe Biden as his vice presidential running mate…

It will be interesting to see if this quote by Joe Biden, made in reference to Obama, will be revisited by the mainstream media.  The apparent mindset on the part of Biden was the source of all sorts of commentary in January, 2007 when it was made, and evoked outrage from the usual voices in the black community.  Frankly, I believe that Biden was trying to be complementary of Barry, but WOW.  The implication of what Biden thinks of other blacks is stunning, otherwise, he would not have framed his description of Obama in such a way as to contrast him with other African-Americans.  It was that contrast that makes Obama a “storybook” according to Biden.  It seems like Biden’s attitude bears some analysis from the media.

None of us is without our flaws and a past littered with regrettable actions.  But Biden seems to rank among one of the best in Washington for creating his own messes.  He was shown to be a plagiarist (with respect to some speech that he gave a few years ago), inflated his resume by claiming a masters degree that he does not have, and making other racially insensitive comments aside from his “articulate and bright and clean and nice looking” remark.  The Republican National Committee is having so much fun with this that they now have a “Biden Gaffe Clock” counting down the time until Biden’s next foot-in-mouth moment.  His first such gaffe occurring within 12 hours of being announced as Obama’s running mate, referring to Obama as “Barack America” during their first apperance together yesterday.

Biden has made a bunch of comments about Obama’s preparedness, or more precisely lack thereof, to be the president of the United States.  It begs the question, was he lying then when he said that Barry was not qualified, or now, when he says that Barry is our country’s best choice for president.  Has the intervening time between Biden’s comments during the primaries until today really prepared Obama for the most important job in the world?

I am curious how selecting a Washington insider like Biden (36 years in the senate) allows for any consistency in Barry’s message of “Change”?  Obama continues to talk about how Washington is broken and needs to be changed from the “outside.”  How is selecting a consummate Washington “insider” helpful?  Biden has been in the senate longer than John McCain!   It seems like this is such a contradiction to the premise of Barry’s “change” candidacy that a charge of caving-in to politics as usual is one that will necessarily stick.

Barry made a brilliant selection in terms of appealing to the far left wing of his party.  Biden is apparently just behind Obama in terms of his liberal voting record in the Senate.  By the objective measures that are available, the Obama Biden ticket is even more liberal than the Kerry Edwards ticket of 2004.  It seems like it is a foregone conclusion that Obama was going to win the far left voting block, even before selecting a vice president.  So, what has he accomplished in terms of appealing to moderates, and independents?  It would appear, nothing. 

On a much sillier note, I am convinced that sometimes you can’t help what your mind mistakenly sees in printed words.  When I woke up on Saturday morning and turned on the cable news, the announcement was already four hours old.  (No, I did not get the text message.)  The captions at the bottom of every screen on TV were announcing something to the effect of Obama Biden the Democrat Ticket.  Maybe I can attribute it to still being groggy from waking up early, but I could not help but almost see three letters inserted in those two words, “Obama Biden.”  And those letters were “nla“.  As Obama’s name has become more familiar over the last couple of years, I have been able to disassociate Obama from Osama, in spite of Ted Kennedy’s mangling of his Barry’s name a few years ago.  But for some strange reason, when I saw the letters b, i, d, e, n, following the word Obama, my mind saw the letters “nla” like this:  b,i,n,l,a,d,i,n.  Now, every time I see the presumptive democrat ticket spelled out on TV and on campain posters, I see “Obama Binladen.”  Crazy!  Maybe with time, I will be able to disassociate this oddity just as I did with Barack’s last name and the famed terrorist.

It is a certainty that these two will not receive my vote in November, but I have been reminded that they should receive the benefit of my prayers for them.  Those prayers will not be for their victory, but for Godly wisdom and discernment as they strive for the highest offices in our land.

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