Where’s the truth?

The pensive look on this sweet little face surely characterizes the question marks surrounding the facts about her disappearance.  Caylee Anthony was reported missing by her grandmother last week.  Her mother sits in jail, charged with a couple of misdemeanors related to misleading investigators.  She remains there pending the payment of a $500,000 bond.  However, law enforcement officials have officially listed her as a “person of interest” in the little girl’s disappearance.

This particular case is so strange, that it has captured my interest.  Mostly because it is so different from the circumstances that normally accompany other news stories about people who have gone missing.  The “players” and their actions are bordering on bizarre. 

Here are some of the facts as currently known:

On July 15, Caylee’s grandmother calmly calls 911 to have her daughter arrested for stealing her car. 

Later that same day, Caylee’s grandmother franticly calls 911 to report that Caylee is missing and has not seen her since early June.  In this second call, the grandmother reports that there is an odor like a dead body in the car that she earlier reported stolen by her daughter, Caylee’s mother.  The 911 operator asks to speak to Caylee’s mother, who calmly describes that she had not seen Caylee in 31 days.  The tone of ambivalence is striking.  Meanwhile the mother accuses a babysitter of having Caylee.  The babysitter named is a non-existent person who resides at a location the mother cannot identify. 

Caylee and her mother live in the same house as the grandmother, but the grandmother is not aware that Caylee is missing for that 5 week period of time.

Two separate cadaver sniffing dogs have found evidence of human decomposition at the home of the grandmother and, in the car used by Caylee’s mother (which was the one reported as being stolen by Calyee’s mother.)  The grandmother now claims that the dead body odor was from a piece of pizza or garbage left in trunk of the car for 19 days.

Caylee’s mother borrowed a shovel from a neighbor, at night, around the time the little girl was last seen.

Friends of Caylee’s mother regard her as an “habitual and compulsive liar.”

The grandmother says the mother knows where the child is, and if she is let out of jail, she can help in finding her.  However, Caylee’s mother is not cooperating with law enforcement officials in terms of telling them where Caylee is, and will only deal with her attorney.

The grandmother says of Caylee: “we know where she’s at”  In the same interview she says: “she could be anywhere.” 

The grandmother claims today that tips have been received of sighting Caylee at the airport in Orlando and in Georgia.  The grandmother thinks that whoever has Caylee is going to North Carolina.

Where is the truth?  Where is Caylee?  I certainly hope that she is found unharmed and in good condition although, given the circumstantial evidence, that seems like an unlikely outcome.  The odd happenings surrounding this case certainly make for interesting theater.  Too bad it is not just that, theater.  The life of a precious little girl either hangs in the balance, or has already been extinguished.

Pray for Caylee’s safety, or her eternal rest.


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