Happy 4th! And Happy 232nd Birthday, America!

Albert Mohler is the president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.  I have an deep admiration for him, and I am not even a Baptist.  First of all, simply stated, he is brilliant.  Theologically, he articulates doctrine in an informed and persuasive manner.  And, he has courageously advanced the cause of Reformed Theology at Southern and restored the theological educational of his denomination to its doctrinal roots in the Reformation of 1517.

Intellectually, he is a giant.  But today, I feel as if mortals have now earned the right to tread along side, rather than some distance behind.  At his blog* this morning and on a recorded commentary at Townhall.com, he notes that today, July 4, 2008, marks the 238th birthday of our nation, “at least the way we count it” he says. 

What struck me was that number “238.”  Just didn’t seem right in some way.  And at first I thought I was losing my mind.  You see, my wife and I became engaged to be married on July 4, 1976, the bi-centennial celebration of our country.  That was 32 years ago.  And we have now been married for 31 years.  So, somehow the number “238” seemed off.

I confess to having received a public-school education.  And my undergraduate degree is in business and not history or mathematics.  Furthermore, as I dwell in my mid-50’s, I recognize a difference in mental acuity when compared to my 20’s, 30’s and even 40’s.  Yet, with age comes wisdom, and even though I lack the academic credentials, the mathematical difference between 2008 and 1776 seems like some number other than 238….something more like 232.

I am not taking any particular pride in pointing out the error of Dr. Mohler.  Instead, I am revelling in this moment when I feel as if I am breathing the same air that he does.  And this proves once again for those of us who have such high regard for Dr. Mohler, sola scriptura…scripture alone in the final and only infallible authority!  I am sure he would not disagree.

*At some point during the day, the administrator of Dr. Mohler’s blog made the correction to the number of years, changing it from 238 to 232 and footnoted the correction at the bottom of that post.  So the link above directs to the updated/corrected post.


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