A sad update, but not an unexpected one.

My last post (which you can read below) was written on June 26.  In that article, I discussed the failure of several Christian denominations to deal Biblically with the issue of sexual immorality within its membership and clergy.  One day later, on June 27, the Presbyterian Church (USA) finally sealed its fate as an apostate church.  While they have been on the brink of this for many years, their General Assembly, meeting in California, voted to abolish what had been known as the “fidelity and chastity” language regarding standards of conduct for those seeking ordination as teaching elders, as related to matters of human sexuality. 

The church’s former standards included language that made it absolutely clear that all ministers must live in “fidelity within the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman or chastity in singleness.”  This language has been a festering sore within the liberal wing of the PCUSA, who, operating under the benevolent sounding banner of “justice” have sought to undo historic Christian and Biblical understandings of sexual immorality.  Homosexuality has always been their cause celebre, but I think a case could be made that under the liberals’ idea of “justice”, no boundaries can be drawn with respect to human sexuality.  Essentially, nothing can or should be considered immoral.  After all, if those things that are specifically labeled as immoral in scripture cannot be regarded as such, are there any limits that can be placed on human sexual behavior?  I am guessing that the liberals would argue “NO”.

The PCUSA has been dissolving gradually over the last several years.  The beneficiary of this has been the Evangelical Presbyterian Church which has not only gained individual members, but indeed entire congregations have defected from the impending, now present apostasy of the PCUSA, to join a denomination that still regards scripture as authoritative and reliable.  I suspect that this trend of defection will accelerate in the weeks and months ahead.

This development is a sad one.  My ordination as an elder in this church would have reached the 15 year milestone this December and a part of me still loves what that church once stood for.  However, what occurred last week was not completely unexpected.  Is spite of the lifetime duration of my ordination, I have not been a member of, or worshiped in a PCUSA church in probably 10 years.  As much as we would like to have seen a different outcome, the apostle Paul’s admonition has indeed come true.  What started out as a little leaven, has now leavened the whole lump. 

The irony of the location of the meeting of the General Assembly and the recent ruling by the California Supreme Court knocking down prohibitions against homosexual marriage is not lost on me.  I cannot think of a more fitting location for this former great church to effectively end its raison d’etre.


3 Responses to A sad update, but not an unexpected one.

  1. dumbsheep says:

    I was at the GA Assembly in San Jose. A very sad outcome as this denomination splinters. I was impressed with the Presbyterians For Renewal response and action they propose to take. Nothing new under the sun though……

    I wrote in my blog about the experience at GA.

  2. Chuck says:

    Thanks for your comment. I checked out your site. Keep up the good work.

    As for the Presbyterians for Renewal, I have long held out hope for this group, but sadly, I am not sure how effective they will be. Furthermore, they themselves lack a sufficient adherance to historic and Biblical Christianity to really be relied upon to bring this church back from disaster. PCUSA has alreay gone over the cliff. I wrote an article last year on a group of reform minded PCUSA elders. Not sure if they were members of PFR or not.

  3. dumbsheep says:

    Oh, but God continues to work even where “we” believe He cannot work. That is why He is God. Remember, He works in people’s hearts no matter which organization or group they are affiliated with and thus redemption has seeds that are growing everywhere. That is the great thing about redemption, since the resurrection it is more virulent than the worst cancer–of sin and death. Besides, it is God alone who will bring His bride back from disaster.

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