Some of you may have heard about the “revival” that has been taking place in Lakeland, Florida under the leadership of Todd Bentley.  Well, here you can see what is going on there. 

While I am absolutely convinced of God’s power to perform miracles, I am not convinced that this sort of spectacle is a representation of it.  This is disturbing stuff.  I’m not sure whether Bentley would be better suited to be starring on TLC’s Miami Ink or the Food Network as a stand-in for Emeril Lagasse. 

MAYBE I missed it in the 9+ excruciating minutes, but did he ever pray over someone in Jesus’ name, or was his preferred annointing something more like “Bamm!”


3 Responses to Bamm!

  1. Brandon says:

    Terrible. They’re going to “laugh the hell out of people”? Where do they get this stuff? Maybe I missed it in Acts when the apostles laughed and people got saved (or healed).

    A lot could be said here, but I better bite my tongue and pray instead. The deceit in this stuff just kills me.

  2. medinaumc says:

    Touched a nerve and raised my blood pressure. I burned the youtube video on a DVD and am planning to show it the Thursday’s Men’s Group. Love to have you join us and add your commentary.

    – Bill Stegemueller

  3. […] months ago, I wrote a post on the so-called revival that was taking place in Florida, called the Lakeland Outpouring.  This […]

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