Another orientation and training week (actually 10 days) for the counselors at the summer camp that I am on the board of has been completed as of last night.  And what an O/T it was.  We have another great group of college-age young people who have committed all or a portion of their summer to ministry.  That in itself sets them apart from many of their peers.  And my general impression of them is that they are an eager bunch, with hearts to serve and on some level (some greater than others) a hunger for God’s word.

For our Bible studies I led them through Ezekiel’s call to ministry beginning with Ch. 1: 28b through Ch. 3: 3.  With all praise belonging to God, it seemed to be a helpful and relevant study that hopefully has left them centered, grounded, and encouraged as they begin their ministries on June 8. 

We also spent some informal times discussing Tullian Tchividjian’s book Do I Know God?  Given Tullian’s obvious reformed theological orientation (which matches mine), and the eclectic collection of faith traditions represented by the counselors, those times of discussion proved to be interesting.  And yet, conveying a maturity beyond their years, divisive was not an adjective you would use to describe the voicing of their differences of opinion.  Many bloggers could take a lesson from what I moderated and witnessed during those discussions.  

For those who have not read this book, I recommend it.  It is an easy read, but still thought provoking.  And I think a really helpful book to give someone who is struggling with that most important question they will ever ask…”Do I know God?” 

2 Responses to Whew!

  1. Brandon says:

    I’ll get that book.

  2. Chuck says:

    Brandon: I have updated the post to include a link to Westminster Book Store which has lower prices on the book itself than Amazon.

    Hope you enjoy the book. Like I said, it’s an easy read, but Tullian has lots of really good anecdotal stuff in it to help make his points and I think you will find it to be a very user friendly read to someone who is seeking or struggling with understanding their relationship with God. It was fun to use the book for our informal discussions with the counselors given that some are Roman Catholic and many others are Weslyan Arminian.

    Would have loved to have you there for the Bible Study itself. We took 4 days to look at chapter 2 of Ezekiel plus the one vs. from ch. 1 and three vs. from ch. 3.

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