The contrast makes it all the more disturbing.

I never watch the Today Show on NBC.  Their political and cultural agendas are simply too transparent and counter to my views.  However, this morning we DVR’d the program as we anticipated a segment on a friend who has been involved in the creation of a D-Day memorial sculpture.  He was never on.  However, there was one segment that caught our attention.

The advances in medicine in our age are absolutely phenomenal, and a family preparing to be discharged from a Houston hospital tomorrow shared their story.  During a routine sonogram appointment to determine the sex of the baby at the 6 months stage of pregnancy, a grapefruit sized tumor was discovered growing on the gestating baby.  This situation is extremely rare occurring in approximately 1 in 40,000 pregnancies and often only discovered after delivery.  However, in this case, the benign tumor was growing so rapidly that doctors feared that it would literally suck up the blood supply needed for the baby to grow, ultimately killing the baby before full term arrived.

The decision was made to remove the tumor from the baby.  Mom was sedated under an extraordinarily deep anesthesia, many times greater than normal to insure that her uterus was fully relaxed.  A Cesarean type incision was created in her abdomen and uterus taking care not to disturb the placenta.  The baby was removed from the uterus and the tumor excised.   Baby was then returned to the uterus, and a water tight seal was created at the uteran incision site so that the baby could continue to completely gestate in the womb.

The procedure was a success, baby Macie Hope is doing well, and the family will leave the hospital tomorrow.

As I listened to this segment, with its descriptions of a baby being removed from the womb before its full gestation, in this case with the intent of saving its life, I could not help but be reminded of the thousands of procedures that are done every day around the world, our nation, and even across town, where so-called medical professionals are removing babies from wombs.  But the vast majority of these are not done to remove tumors, but to remove “an inconvenience.”  For me at least, it made the contrast between those who choose to preserve unborn life thorugh medical science, and those whose mission it is to extinguish it by the same means, all the more disturbing.

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