Plain sense.

This may not be new-news to those who follow the man more closely than I, but a HT to my brother-in-law who just made me aware of the fact that R.C. Sproul has arrived at a conclusion that the account of creation found in Genesis chapters 1 and 2 should be read as literal six day periods of time, leading to his embrace of a “young earth.”  A complete article on this can be found here.

I guess that to some degree I am surprised that Sproul was not already a young earth creationist, but am thankful that he was graciously led to that conclusion.  Sproul, along with a number of other men (Mohler, Mahanney, Dever, Piper among a very few others) are frequent, and almost exclusive voices at many of the conferences around the country that are oriented around Reformed theology.  One critic has referred to this group of men as the Neo-Reformed Magisterium.  I can understand how a critic might come to that conclusion, particularly if they embrace an opposing theology.  Nevertheless, Sproul’s support for what he refers to as the Reformed hermeneutic calling for the interpretation of scripture using the “plain sense” of the text will hopefully encourage other Reformed Christians to embrace the belief in a sovereign God who was/is able to speak into existence all that is, and do so in the six literal days, just like He said it took.  And for those Reformed Christians to hold to that faith, in spite of the arguments raised by science that seeks to minimize or exclude a creator.

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