My father-in-law once made the comment while admiring his English bulldog Henry, that the dog had “a face that only a blind mother could love.”  How true.  The very first class I attended as a college freshman was a required Humanities class taught by a young, not-nearly-as-cool-as-he-thought professor, who had a favorite expression that he used on more than one occasion during the semester that said “the only thing a man likes more than the sound of his own poetry, is…(and I will spare you the crude balance of his little saying).”  Both of these seem to convey the notion that there is a direct correlation between emotional investment or attachment, and affection, admiration or appreciation.

That is certainly the case with most if not all blogs.  Probably the greatest fan of any blog is its own author.  And the spirit of both of the comments above captures the essence of the celebration that is taking place at the headquarters of “Whatever,” as this blog marks its 100th post on the site.  I know it is an underwhelming milestone for many bloggers who cross that threshold in a matter of weeks or a few months.  But the fact that this many post have been created came as a bit of a surprise when I saw the stats.  They added up quickly.  The 100th celebration is also a time of reflection here in the editor’s office.  I am certain that many of the posts could easily have been done without.  Many others deserved much more consideration prior to publishing.  But one thing the “Whatever” editorial board has appreciated about blogging is the cathartic experience of being able to just put thoughts out there in the public arena, and seeing the reactions that are created.  The number of visits to this blog have been surprising actually, with many more readers/visitors than I originally imagined.  So, my thanks go out to those who read and especially those who take the time to comment, whether in agreement or otherwise.


2 Responses to 100

  1. Brandon says:

    Sweet deal, Chuck. Congrats! Hope all is well in the Land of the Alpacas. If I was you, and I was making a blog, that would be what I would call it. It would have no other significance as a title (unless you can think of some), but alpacas are funny creatures.

    Keep writing. I’m going to go ahead and make a request for a series of posts from you (that’s pretty audacious…I know): It would be sweet to read about some of the interactions you’ve had with camp counselors in the past. You are in charge of helping the counselors at Deer Creek learn more about Jesus as he is revealed in the Bible. I would love to read about some of the conversations you’ve had with them, whether in opposition or in agreement. The counselors at Deer Creek represent the college-aged, and their theological questions/struggles are important.

    Anyway…there’s my request. You are under absolutely no obligation to oblige it…but I threw it out there any way.

  2. Chuck says:

    Brandon: Good (albeit audacious) suggestion. I will take it under advisement and see if I can piece together any. My best hope, in the face of my aging memory, is to capture some from this summer.

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