Today, the California Supreme court in a 4-3 decision joined in the lunacy of the Massachusetts judicial branch by overturning a voter approved ban on gay marriage.  Now, arguably the most liberal state in the union is joined by the most populace state in the union in affirming that which its citizens reject.  And to my utter amazement, there are still some who deny the notion that we have an activist court system in this country.  If people are not content with the legislative approach to forming our laws through representation, just get a sympathetically minded court to do it for you.

There is still hope for California, as there is a remnant of sanity and morality present among a group who will now seek to have a measure placed on the ballots for this November general election.  This measure would add a prohibition to gay marriage to the California constitution.  As has been the case in all 26 other state where such opportunities have been present, voters have overwhelmingly turned out to support such bans.  Given that they have already done so in California, to the tune of a 61% victory, perhaps there is still hope that the largest state by population in the United States will continue to regard “one man, one woman” as the standard by which marriage laws will apply.


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