A Study in Contrasts

God ______ America!


Both of these men disagree with certain policies of the United States of America.  Both are opposed to the war in Iraq.  Both are concerned about human rights, although probably on somewhat different levels.  Neither veil their comments.  Both are upfront and outspoken.  They are expressive, forceful, and articulate about their opinions.

One of these men encourages mankind to find justification, the other justice.  One calls for revival, the other revenge.  One seems to operate with an air of peace, the other just seems pissed off.  One clings to grace, the other a grudge.  One seems motivated by concern for the human race, the other one for a particular race. 

And one chooses to ask God to bless our nation, the other calls upon Him to damn us!  What a contrast.


4 Responses to A Study in Contrasts

  1. gasdocpol says:

    How about the contrast between an elitist and being a follower of Rev. Wright.

  2. Chuck says:


    I know who one particular follower of Wright is, but haven’t a clue who you are referring to as being an elitist.

    The media, along with a particular Wright follower’s primary contender, among others, would say that said follower IS an elitist.

  3. gasdocpol says:

    Obama has been accused of being an elitist and a disciple of the Wright/Farrakhan Liberation Theology.

    To me that is like he is like Marie Antoinette saying “Let them eat cake” and a French peasant getting ready to storm the Bastille and cut off the heads of the elite.

  4. Chuck says:

    Obama’s long association with his church, I think, suggests at the very least that he may share sympathies with both the message and the messenger. I find it difficult to imagine that Obama could have spent the amount of time he did in that church and NOT not have been aware of the teaching of Rev. Wright that the world has now been exposed to through the media and recently confirmed during Wright’s week long tour, including the appearance at the National Press Club last Monday. To suggest otherwise is an insult to Obama’s intelligence, not to mention ours. Obama’s wife is probably more inclined to parrot some of the language of his pastor, and she is taking considerable heat for it and I suspect will receive even more attention in the weeks/months ahead since Obama might be regarded as the presumptive nominee of the democrat party.

    Obaba’s own words in characterizing the voters of Pennsylvania were what earned him the label elitist. And curiously, some of the very first aspersions were cast by his fellow democrats. So, while they may be adversarial remarks, they are from within his own party family. I can see how his comments could be regarded as condescending, and his best efforts to chalk them up as simply mis-spoken, or misunderstood obviously fell on deaf ears, judging by the PA primary results.

    But beyond that, as a more complete understanding of this relatively unknown man comes out, we see that he is typical of many other democrats with a message of being an advocate for the “common man” all the while having both a current lifestyle and even personal history that suggests he is of a different caste. The Kennedy’s and more recently John Edwards are prime examples of this. Obama talks about his upbringing mostly in terms of shared experiences with middle America, but his expensive private secondary education and Ivy League undergrad and law degrees elevate him to a level that few “common folk “can relate to. His tax filings indicate that he and his wife had a combined income of over $900k I think it was. That is a figure that places him in the upper 1 or 2 percent of earners in the US. He and you may not like the label “elitist”, but he clearly moves in circles that most Americans, myself included have NO experience with other than as a spectators.

    The label “elitist” may sting, but I would be hard pressed to argue against it. But frankly I don’t think one can find a member of the US Senate and most of the House of Representatives who are not ego driven elitists also. So lump Clinton and McCain in that crowd as well. Such are the ilk of our elected officials. Whether bred that way, or made, once they hit the rarified air of Capital Hill, they are all a bunch of good for nothing, self-interested bums, who make a career out of spending other people’s money as it if were going out of style.

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